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Eleventh Street

Established in the 80's, Eleventh Street has been known for serving pastries and Italian-brewed coffee in the big city. My goal was to create a website and a custom logotype that reflects the brand's unique blend of the past and the modern, as well as direct and design the brand's packaging.

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Setting the brand's tone & creating the logo

The client wanted a versatile and textured logotype that will look good across various mediums (signage, packaging, menus, and website). The logo had to play within the right range of modern, not leaving out the roots of the brand going decades back. Everything should exude coffee vibes.

Utilizing the fact that the brand is decades-old, I paired the custom script typeface with a slightly distressed brush texture to give it a light vintage tone. To convey the bakery purpose of the café, I used understated details all the way through, including a cloth texture and tiny splats of flour used for baking. The result is an effective brand that brought the elements of a brewery & bakery together into play.

Building the website

Keeping in mind that the brand has consumers from an older generation, the website had to have easy to no navigation needed. Aside from their background and topselling products, the client had nothing specific in mind for the website's content, but had rather mentioned a website that feels like entering their café would be great.

My solution is merging all the sections together into one page to eliminate the need to click a link before reading important content. I welcomed the users with an animated version of the logotype and placed a time with the serving status of the café, closed or open, so the user would feel like seeing the open/closed signage outside the café and know if the café is open or not. Talking to the client, I noted that having their story on the website is crucial, so I placed it first among the rest. As for the menu, I implemented a close and open effect into it to captivate the users as well as indicate a feeling of opening an actual menu. Social engagement is prevalent when it comes to coffee shops these days so I added the latest media from their Instagram account and exhibit the images in a dynamic way.


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