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Where to Jam

Where to Jam is an app I made under Bewind Labs to help bands locate studios nearby or within an area. I worked with the startup agency to create the app's assets including the logo and its UI & UX. I'm still working on the app development.

Launching soon
My Role
Branding & Identity Visual Design Front-end Development UI & UX Design Illustration
Logo App
Making the Logo

The logo had to be symbolic but nothing too abstract. There should be a bold wordmark to go with the symbol. For this, I made a linear symbol out of the app's initial 'W' to complement the bold wordmark, and incorporated a jack cable to imprint the notion of a band studio into it. I played around the details to add a map pin icon in the middle to sublty indicate the app's purpose.

Building the app

For the web version's home page, I created an illustration of instruments to give the users the look and feel of a band studio. The app is currently being built in React.js.


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